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  • Praetura Commercial Finance, an independent working capital partner with a unique entrepreneurial outlook, and a refreshing relationship approach.
  • Praetura Commercial Finance, the smart choice, the entrepreneur’s choice.
  • Praetura Commercial Finance an independent finance partner with an entrepreneurial outlook. The Experienced senior team comprising of industry leaders has a proven track with a genuine appetite in innovative solutions and debt structures.
  • Unlike traditional forms of finance, our suite of products can be tailored to provide a flexible solution for your business without impeding growth. We are a dedicated team with continuous best in class customer service through our relationship driven approach.
  • Access to key decision makers with a true focus to being your entrepreneurial funding partner. Experts in transactional facilities (acquisitions, MBO/MBI’s, growth turnarounds & refinancing). The senior team has over 80 years of combined Asset-Based Lending experience in delivering debt solutions.
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Confidential Invoice Discounting as a Core Facility

Stock Revolvers

Property Term Loans

Cash Flow Term Loans

Plant & Machinery Term Loans

Transforming Businesses. Funding Ambition.

Praetura Commercial Finance is a dynamic, well-capitalised independent asset based lender with a distinctive entrepreneurial outlook and a strong commercial appetite to fund ambitious UK businesses.

Since Praetura Commercial Finance was founded, we have structured and delivered innovative working capital solutions for a variety of event-driven transactions, including acquisitions, MBOs, turnarounds and growth requirements.

There are two golden threads running throughout our business; our commitment to a relationship-driven approach and our ability to structure and deliver multi-product, multi-asset facilities, combining invoice discounting, stock, plant & machinery, property and cash flow lending.

With our people, proposition and process and strong key business introducer relationships, we look forward to building on an established platform, enabling more SMEs to gain the transformational funding they need to fully realise their potential.

“The acquisition funded by Praetura Commercial Finance has taken us from an £11m turnover business to £19m, making our combined group a substantial player in our industry. Following the introduction of the new funding facility, we have already recorded our biggest invoicing month in the history of the company.”

Steve Swinden

Flamefast Group

“In all honesty, working in partnership with Praetura Commercial Finance has been a revelation. They are open and transparent and their work ethic is superb. We are genuinely excited to be working with them and the funding line they have structured for us gives us the confidence to secure new orders and scale up to meet increasing demand.”

John Osborne

Commercial Director
Tactus Group

“We knew from the outset that there would be a tight time pressure to complete the transaction and having met with the directors of Praetura Commercial Finance, we were very confident that they would be able to execute on the deal. They quickly put themselves in prime position to support the transaction by committing to the funding requirement and jumped precisely on what needed to be done without delay. Their communication was excellent at all times and this was incredibly important to us given that speed was an essential element of this deal. They delivered what they said they would do and acted with integrity throughout.”

Toby Arrowsmith

Director, Intrinsic Equity Ltd
Ham Baker Group

“Partnering with Praetura Commercial Finance In this transaction has been an absolute breeze. They are highly commercial and most importantly we can always speak to decision-makers directly without any unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. We look forward to working with Praetura Commercial Finance and the management team as the company enters this exciting new stage in its growth.”

Andy Dodd

PHD Equity Partners
Teaching Art Limited